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Updated: Jul 10


By Bonnie Duell


She was a beautiful, young woman, born to parents who immigrated from Sweden and met each other in Chicago.


He was a handsome soldier, also of Swedish descent, who sang with her in the Swedish Chorale in downtown Chicago’s Orchestra Hall in honor of the visit to America by King Gustav of Sweden.


They were obviously attracted to each other. When she told him she was pregnant, he revealed he was engaged to someone else.


When he sent her money to get an abortion, she hid it in the back of her dresser drawer as she pondered what to do. Her embarrassment, shame and humiliation were overwhelming.


She eventually decided to spend the money on herself and then ask another man to marry her to cover up her “predicament.” The other man agreed.


I found out the facts of my birth 63 years later (about 20 years ago) when a family member told two of my daughters this well-kept secret.


I am so thankful my mother made the difficult choice to rescue me.


I am made in the image of God, and it is my joy to let Him live His life through me on this earth. My life has been filled with God-Exploits around the world with my husband, Dave Duell. Before he graduated to Heaven in 2015, he had ministered the Good News of Jesus Christ in 77 nations. I have been blessed to be in 58 nations.


Countless people continue to have their lives impacted by God’s love and grace through me with my hospitality, speaking and writing. I am now 85 years old.


Thank you, Mom, for giving me a chance to live! My four daughters and their families thank you! We recently counted all the grandchildren, greats and great-greats and there are 63 and counting! (When a grandchild marries, I count their spouse in this number.) We will ALL see you in Heaven some day!

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