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A collaboration between artist, Polly Lunetto 

and those who have also experienced loss through abortion


"Through my own healing journey, I learned that there's nothing abnormal about  grieving the loss of your unborn child/children—even if  the loss  occurred through an abortion. Everything changed once I gave myself permission  to say I'm sorry, goodbye and until we meet in heaven" Polly Lunetto 


THE TRIBUTE PROJECT, pioneered by our Founder, Polly Lunetto—a mixed media artist—offers a unique way to honor the lives of our unborn children lost through abortion and to provide healing and a sense of closure for those who are hurting. Dedicated to individuals sharing in the experience of heartache and regret following abortion, The Tribute Project aims to offer comfort, support and an opportunity to celebrate the LIFE of your child.

Our project is primarily geared toward those who have participated in an abortion recovery program—where naming and writing a letter to your child in heaven is part of the process. If you have recently lost your child to abortion, you are welcome to participate. However, it is our position that participating in The Tribute Project does not take the place of an in-depth healing and recovery program. Rather, we see the project serving as a "first step" in your healing journey and would encourage you to participate in a program specifically designed to address the unique needs in abortion recovery and healing. 




  • Simply send us your heartfelt, handwritten message to your child in heaven on a 4"x6" card and forward it to us, ensuring you include the year of your loss.

  • Polly will then create an original art piece (in her style) inspired by your personalized message. This painting will be crafted in honor of your child and added to the Tribute & Aftermath traveling art exhibit.


As a THANK YOU Gift, you will receive a signed 8"x 8" print of the original artwork, providing a lasting memory of your tribute. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time.

Please contact us if you have any questions


Your name will NOT be published, displayed or used as part of the exhibit. You will remain anonymous.


The Tribute Project-Polly Lunetto Ministries

P.O. Box 5033, La Quinta, CA 92248

Remember to include your shipping address

Image by Anya Chernik
"Now I have something to
look at and remember my precious child. God is good."
"Thank you this is a beautiful piece to celebrate Christopher’s life. I love it!!!!"
“I absolutely love it!  So very special and just touched my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
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