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Polly Lunetto


Polly Lunetto is the visionary behind Polly Lunetto Ministries, a creative space for healing and transformation dedicated to individuals, churches, and para-church organizations navigating through loss, shame, and regret after abortion. She wears multiple hats as a mixed-media artist, author, and life coach, weaving these talents into a tapestry of hope and restoration for the community she serves.


In 2015, while driving her dad to an appointment, Polly heard a near audible voice from within ask, "What are their names?"  It was the beginning of a seven-year journey of coming to terms with the secret she buried more than 30 years prior to her "encounter" that resulted in the writing of her book,  A Choice To Remember—The First Step In Your Post-Abortion Healing Journey: A Visual Testimony & Practical Guide for Women, Men and Couples, released in 2023. Polly's book offers a compassionate guide for those seeking healing and wholeness in the aftermath of abortion. Over the years, Polly has blended her artwork, words, and personal journey to creatively share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus and help individuals awaken to their kingdom identity.


Drawing from nearly three decades of experience working intimately with women, Polly utilizes creative expression, introspective exercises and scripture as tools for self-discovery and healing. Her work mirrors a woman's journey through life, offering tangible comfort, hope, and encouragement through her art, writing and service to others.


Polly holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology and is an Ordained Chaplain—preparing her to bring insight, understanding and compassion to her ministry. 

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