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Ministries & Organizations

How can we help you better serve your community?

We're all about helping your organization address the needs of those who are hurting due to abortion through our unique services.

Lets collaborate—we're BETTER TOGETHER!

Share Our Book

When Polly's book A CHOICE TO REMEMBER was first published, the Lord told her it was a book that would be "read in private".  When people read her raw testimony, it often opens the door for them to share their truth with her about their abortion experience sometimes for the first time after keeping it a secret for decades.

We provide copies of A CHOICE TO REMEMBER to your ministry, para-church organization free of charge. Contact us to set up delivery.


The Tribute Project

The Tribute Project offers individuals a personal  way to honor and  pay tribute to  their child/children lost through abortion.

Go to our project page to learn more about this unique service.


Traveling Art Exhibit

Our Tribute & Aftermath Art Exhibit is available for display at your next event, conference, fundraiser or church service. Offering a unique way to bring awareness to the sanctity of life and the aftermath of abortion. 


Help Save A Life

Keep these numbers readily available:

ABORTION PILL REVERSAL Hotline - 1-877-558-0333

Visit their website to lean more

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

offers services to talk to a skilled counselor.  1-800-273-TALK (8255)



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