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Men hurt too and as also impacted by abortion.

We are so glad you're here and would like you to know that we honor your courage.

Talk To A Life Coach

You are in charge of your future and as a Life Coach, Polly is here to help you determine the next step that's right for you on your journey to wholeness. With reflective and non-judgmental listening, she supports you through this challenging time, empowering you to make the best decisions for your life.

To check availability and schedule a call, click here.

An Inspiring Read

When Polly's book A CHOICE TO REMEMBER was first published, the Lord told her it was a book that would be "read in private".  When people read her raw testimony, it often opens the door for them to share their truth with her about their abortion experience sometimes for the first time after keeping it a secret for decades.

A CHOICE TO REMEMBER allows you to do just that—remember and process in private.

Diving Deeper

Deep dive into an 8-week bible study geared specifically for men seeking healing after abortion. This study is often a turning point in a person's healing journey. 


Contact us to find out when the  next series of classes starts.

Tribute, Honor & Pay It Forward

The Tribute Project offers you the opportunity to honor and  pay tribute to your child in heaven in a tangible way. When you participate in the Project, you are also helping to bring awareness to the sanctity of life and the aftermath of abortion.


We're here for you. You are courageous—Thank you for stepping up.

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